About Us


Created by a native Californian, Caridad Rojas is designed in Ibiza. The brand challenges all to dare, to dream, and to be confident, to praise and to empower.

The designer was raised in Los Angeles, California, where she had the fortune to grow and develop herself, a place where she was influenced by all the cultures of the world. During her upbringing, she was very attracted to the diverse music scenes, the  Breakdance, the Rock, the Goth, the New Wave… To her, each musical trend had its unique fashion style to go along with it, which, she claims, “promoted individuality so elegantly”.

She also states, “These musical movements brought UNITY within LA’s diverse ethnic cultures”, movements in which everyone was expressing what was cool, what was Hot, and what was Hip.

We invite you to challenge yourself, go for CHANGE, and become a part of it.

Caridad Rojas designs for you.


Caridad Rojas™ is an elegant underground style of clothing that was developed through the years until it reached its pinnacle on the gorgeous island of Ibiza, where it’s currently being designed.

The birth of this brand is fueled by you and others who believe and support the designer’s vision and appreciate the delicate and fine materials and fabrics the clothing is made from.

It is being shipped all over the world and handmade in Belgrade, Serbia – the country known for its tradition and high-quality textile industry.

This combination of the designer’s vision on one end and masterful craftsmanship on the other gave birth to the Caridad Rojas brand before you.



The mission and principal idea is to create underground clothing made from the finest quality fabrics, made from eco-friendly materials in limited quantities. It is for those people who desire something other then mass fashion products being poured all over the place.

The main feature of this brand is its minimalistic dimension that would allow you to feel comfortable and at the same time elegant, sexy and strong.

Unlike fast and heavily commercialized fashion, Caridad Rojas™ leaps out of the commercial boundaries, staying faithful to its core concepts.

Uniqueness. Quality. Authenticity.